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  • November 25, 2021

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Altierus Training Solutions (ATS) announced the launch of its new Accelerator training platform. The solution aims to help HVAC employers develop field-ready technicians faster and more effectively than traditional means. To do so, it brings together online learning with hands-on application in the field to deliver a cost-effective and scalable solution.

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  • Program combines technology-based learning with in-field mentorship and coaching to efficiently fill in-demand positions

    MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 18, 2021)—Altierus Training Solutions (ATS), a nonprofit organization providing technology-driven and people-centered learning solutions for employers, announced today the launch of its new Accelerator training platform. The solution aims to help heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) employers develop field-ready technicians faster and more effectively than traditional means. To do so, it brings together the best of online learning with hands-on application in the field to deliver a cost-effective and scalable solution.

    Driven by an aging workforce and continued demand, HVAC career vacancies are on the rise throughout the country and were highlighted as essential careers during the pandemic. The ATS Accelerator is designed to help fill labor and skills gaps by transitioning entry-level technicians into the field using technology-based training that allows workers to learn on the job.

    “At Altierus Training Solutions, we make sure our technology-enabled training works for the people in the field. From providing expert-facilitated, virtual training to mobile tools that connect employees on the job, the goal is to build real-world, hands-on proficiency,” said Andrea Adams, vice president of ATS. “In developing our solutions, we let the market guide us. We’ve found there’s a tremendous amount of interest in and need for our approach.”

    The ATS Accelerator technology platform is available anytime for trainees to move their careers forward. The solution also integrates in-field skills verification, where each trainee is paired with a company mentor. To help ensure company, trainee and mentor success, ATS provides holistic client support with expert-facilitated training and coaching.

    Mentors evaluate the trainees’ hands-on competency in the field to ensure that the skills learned virtually translate into the real world. Employers have access to all trainee data and can track progress.

    The Accelerator solution is designed for national and regional HVAC operators that strategically desire to differentiate themselves on training and talent to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    About Altierus Training Solutions

    A division of ECMC Education, Altierus Training Solutions is a nonprofit organization that offers technology-driven, scalable learning experiences for employers desiring to elevate their workforce and efficiently solve skill gaps. In partnership with its affiliate, Altierus Career College, a nationally accredited career and technical school system, the two organizations collaborate to bring educational innovation to life in order to advance learner outcomes and to meaningfully impact communities. To learn more, visit


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    Alex Kuntz

  • September 28, 2021

    MINNEAPOLIS — With millions of workers displaced due to the pandemic and a persistent mismatch of skills between employees and their prospective employers – particularly in the skilled trades – leaders across a variety of sectors are looking to enhance their training models with a greater focus on quality, efficiency, and equitable outcomes.

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  • August 5, 2021

    MINNEAPOLIS — Altierus Training Solutions (ATS) has launched three industry-approved online training programs to provide safety instruction for HVACR employees.

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  • September 3, 2021

    The following is from HVAC Insider

    Altierus Career College (ACC) in Atlanta and Altierus Training Solutions (ATS) recently renewed membership in CAAG at the statewide level for 2021-22. Both entities are part of ECMC Education  a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation, employer collaboration and industry stewardship.

    We participated in the CAAG Annual Conference in Savannah this past March and look forward to future engagements at an increased level, beginning with the District meetings this fall. ACC provides accredited programming delivered through our Atlanta campus that caters to new career seekers and helps to grow the HVAC-T and HVAC-R talent pools. ATS assists businesses in addressing the knowledge and skill gaps of current employees by leveraging on-line technical simulations, self-paced and facilitator-enhanced coursework, as well as on-the-job skills verification.

    This also helps employers to differentiate themselves as desirable workplaces while developing proprietary recruiting pipelines. In early 2020, ATS began a successful partnership with CoolSys, a national leader in commercial HVAC and Refrigeration. Through a collaborative approach, we built a technology-driven training program delivered on-line to upskill their technicians, while allowing them to maintain their in-field responsibilities. Our success together demonstrates a proven workplace training model which will also be very impactful in helping companies attract and retain employees.

    In order to guide the implementation of effective ways to meet the training needs of students as well as other employers, a national survey was conducted (which included a number of CAAG members). In response, ACC has incorporated greater flexibility in the HVAC programming, which will allow students to work as they study and obtain credentials and a diploma. ATS is crafting content and delivery tools that will work to everyone’s benefit without disrupting work schedules and overall business operations. The New Hire Accelerator is planned for rollout this fall. For more information, visit and

  • September 1, 2021

    The following is from HVAC Insider

    When Tucker Green took the reins as Executive Director for the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia (CAAG), he recognized the industry needed more than an infusion of talent. It needed new sources of talent and new approaches to developing it. The imminent threat of retirement by many HVAC professionals was only exacerbated by shortfall in labor supply during the pandemic. He knew the industry needed to take new action.

    From past experiences, he also understood that employed technicians tend to be more loyal to companies that continually invest in their professional development. This insight was impressed upon him through his role as a member of his local school board, providing a unique appreciation for education and workforce development. His time at CAAG only reinforced the importance of continuous training and development opportunities.

    When Altierus Career College—a nonprofit provider of career and technical education, including HVAC-R and HVAC-T—joined CAAG as a member in 2020, he saw a new opportunity. Altierus already had a history of proactively collaborating with employers and partners, but it had relatively low brand awareness compared to other schools. Green detected something unique about the school: an innovative approach to training with strong industry-based programming.

    When Green visited Altierus’s Norcross, Georgia campus this past July, he gained a firsthand look into its modern learning environment and confirmed his instincts about the school. Altierus had recently devoted over $1.5 million for its HVAC lab and new equipment. The college had also invested heavily in technology-based programming, flexibly enabling students to work in the field while taking classes.

    “Altierus is home to a state-of-the-art HVAC lab. The instructors are industry professionals that worked in the field. The culmination of remarkable facilities, high quality staff, and a passion for career readiness places Altierus at the forefront of our workforce development initiatives.” said Green.

    While on campus, Green was quick to make connections among Altierus faculty and students, asking questions and sharing industry insight. Since then, the relationship has continued to blossom. Representatives from CAAG have continued to provide Altierus students and faculty with a deep understanding of the field that could only come from experienced industry practitioners. The college’s membership has also allowed it to stay abreast of industry developments and current trends. Such benefits have fostered the school’s ability to remain a nimble, responsive program designed to meet the needs of HVAC employers both now and in the future.

    “Being a member of an organization like CAAG benefits not only our students, but also gives us an opportunity to help impact broader workforce development and recruitment efforts,” said Chris Moder, community engagement director for the Altierus Norcross campus. Moder has been working with CAAG to arrange campus visits and to build a collaboration focused on helping employers and students.

    An additional element of the partnership has focused on addressing the current workforce. With insight from CAAG, Altierus Training Solutions, an affiliate of Altierus Career College, has been developing and will soon launch a program focused on delivering flexible, online training combined with in-field skills validation at employer sites. This approach has the potential to bolster and better sustain industry talent over their careers.

    Green believes that such innovative training approaches are key to the industry’s future—and relationships with those directly involved in training the next generation of workers will more effectively help reduce skills gaps and help the industry move forward.

    CAAG is a is a statewide, nonprofit trade association which represents heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration contractors (HVAC-R) who work on residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Among its members is Altierus, a nonprofit provider of career and technical education and direct-to-employer training solutions, has a strategic focus on the HVAC industry and a mission to elevate careers and communities through educational innovation.

  • September 22, 2020

    MINNEAPOLIS—ECMC Education today announced a partnership with Women in HVACR (WHVACR) to support career pathways for women in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. The partnership signifies ECMC Education’s commitment to highlighting career and technical education as a viable option for all types of learners.

    “Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an ongoing demand for skilled workers in the HVAC-R industry,” said Todd Steele, president, ECMC Education. “This partnership will allow us to highlight a viable career path for women while helping address the skills gap employers are facing with a pipeline of new talent.”

    Through this partnership, ECMC Education and WHVACR will support one another by providing educational opportunities, offering scholarships, and increasing opportunities for women to enter and advance in the field. 

    “By partnering with ECMC Education, we further extend our mission to provide professional avenues to connect with women growing their careers in the HVACR industry,” said Karen DeSousa, president, WHVACR. “We are exceedingly proud of our network of women working to grow in their careers, and our partnerships help us grow our network of resources designed to empower them.”

    About ECMC Education
    ECMC Education is a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation, employer collaboration and industry stewardship to generate superior learner outcomes. The organization operates schools under the Altierus Career College brand and offers a range of training solutions designed to help learners achieve their educational goals as well as assist employers in solving talent and skill gaps.

    About Women in HVACR
    Women in HVACR exists to improve the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry. We empower women to succeed through networking opportunities, mentoring and education.

  • August 31, 2021

    The following article is from Medium

    The pandemic highlighted what those working in the skilled trades already knew—the jobs they perform are essential to the health, wellbeing and sustainability of individuals and communities. However, the lack of skilled technicians—prevalent before the pandemic and even more prevalent in recent months— highlights the persistent skills gap that exists, particularly in HVAC and other trades.

    Whether due to increased demand or an aging workforce, employers need effective solutions that help attract individuals to the field as well as upskill those currently employed in the industry to ensure they are able to meet the need.

    Addressing Skill Shortages with New Solutions

    Today’s skills gaps illustrate that the traditional means of hiring, upskilling and reskilling HVAC technicians aren’t making the cut. In an increasingly digital world, in-person training that removes technicians from jobs for hours or days is no longer effective. At the same time, completion and pass rates for employee training don’t seem to be keeping up with the rate of change in the industry. Employers increasingly need to harness innovation and adopt technology-enabled approaches to more effectively deliver training.

    Flexible, virtual training, for instance, can be combined with on-the job application in the field to maintain worker productivity and ensure successful skill development. Historically, there’s been resistance to online training within trades industries like HVAC, but if thoughtfully executed, it can have a multiplier effect on outcomes — and lead to significant cost savings.

    Some will argue that hands-on skills required in the trades can’t be taught online. However, if employers can strike a balance between technology-enabled training, on-the-job practice and ongoing collaboration with training partners, they can better support their existing employees and get them to where they need to be to keep up with industry demands. Implementing an effective training strategy that supports employees through the process can also help employers combat resource constraints and operational obstacles in the way of growth.

    Evolving HVAC Training

    Altierus Training Solutions recently partnered with a national leader in retail, commercial and industrial HVAC systems and refrigeration to develop a technology-enabled, multi-level training program for its field technicians. Our partner’s internal training program had historically been an integral part of its success, yet in a new era of growth, they recognized a need to sustain progress by developing a more scalable solution that could quickly be implemented at new company sites without compromising quality and outcomes.

    Many HVAC employers understand the importance of—and requirement for—training, but they struggle to acquire talent at the exact level they need in the workforce. At the same time, in-person training can become expensive, ineffective and laborious–from distributing materials to managing travel and the related costs. Taking technicians out of the field for extended periods can also impact productivity and revenue.

    Recognizing these factors, Altierus Training Solutions partnered to build a technology-forward training solution that kept technicians on the job while providing trainee support and mentoring throughout the process. It’s not enough to simply provide a training platform. Effective solutions combine the best elements of virtual learning with human interaction, giving technicians the opportunity to take what they’ve learned through virtual concept building and simulations into the field and practice under the eyes of more experienced professionals. We have also seen the importance of working together to onboard managers, mentors and technicians, as well as providing coaching and support resources to help drive positive outcomes.

    A Collaborative Approach Leads to Success

    By combining technology-enabled, worker-centered training programs with coaching and support, employers can more effectively bring new workers up to speed and upskill existing technicians to meet industry demands. A collaborative approach that brings the human element into training can help employers evolve the mindset of technicians who have been in the industry for years and may want to adhere to tradition.

    At the same time, virtual, skill-based training meets the needs of the next generation of workers who expect a more digital approach to work. For Altierus Training Solutions, this approach paid off with a 90 percent in-field pass rate on training since the launch of the partnership in the fall of 2020. This strategy can also help employers be more adaptable to change and quickly address rapid industry growth.

    Moving beyond the pandemic, HVAC jobs will remain essential. Taking a different approach to employee growth and training will help prepare employers for whatever the future holds. By incorporating training and supports into everyday work, employers can build a culture of growth that fosters a more capable workforce while keeping technicians on the job and maintaining a talent pipeline, all while reducing costs.

    By Andrea Adams, vice president of Altierus Training Solutions

  • August 03, 2021

    MINNEAPOLISAltierus Training Solutions (ATS), a nonprofit organization providing technology-driven learning solutions for employers, has launched three industry-approved online training programs to provide safety instruction for HVAC/R employees.

    “Ensuring employees have the right skills is critical to every organization,” said Andrea Adams, vice president of ATS. “ATS streamlines employee training by providing quality content in an online environment, enabling employees to gain knowledge and stay up to date on their certification.”

    The training includes a series of video lectures, practice tests, remote-proctored testing and electronic badges that can be publicly shared to demonstrate mastery. ATS actively works with participants to help ensure successful completion, along with handling the logistics of individual certifications and credentials. 

    Options include:

    • OSHA 10—Provides training for entry-level workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in the construction industry.
    • EPA 608—Meets requirements of Section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act, which states that all persons who maintain, service, repair or dispose of appliances that contain ozone-depleting refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques.
    • R-410A—Addresses the issues of safe handling, training and certification with the use of R-410A equipment.

    To learn more, visit

    About Altierus Training Solutions

    A division of ECMC Education, Altierus Training Solutions is a nonprofit organization that offers technology-driven, scalable learning experiences for employers desiring to elevate their workforce and efficiently solve skill gaps. In partnership with its affiliate, Altierus Career College, a nationally accredited career and technical school system, the two organizations collaborate to bring educational innovation to life in order to advance learner outcomes and to meaningfully impact communities.

  • June 09, 2021

    MINNEAPOLIS—ECMC Education, a nonprofit provider of career-focused educational solutions, has announced the appointment of Andrea Adams as vice president of Altierus Training Solutions (ATS).

    ATS, a division of ECMC Education, uniquely combines interactive training with hands-on application in the field to transform the way employers hire, train and upskill their employees.

    In this role, Adams will lead business development and assist in building industry partnerships with companies looking to upskill and reskill employees. She brings a breadth of experience as a business development and operations leader in a variety of industries, including higher education.

    “Andrea’s broad experience and skill set will strengthen ATS’s ability to help employers elevate their workforces and solve skill gaps,” said Todd Steele, president of ECMC Education. “We look forward to the leadership and vision she’ll add to our mission-driven work.”

    Prior to joining ECMC Education, Adams served as the head of sales for an international, student-centric company and her experience has spanned Fortune 500 companies to higher education.

    “ATS is a forward-thinking, innovative organization that is at the forefront of providing much-needed employee-focused training solutions for employers,” said Adams. “I look forward to working with the ATS team to expand our offerings and drive meaningful outcomes in the market.”

  • August 26, 2020

    BREA, Calif.—As it expands its growing team of HVAC-R technicians, CoolSys™, a parent of market-leading refrigeration and HVAC services companies nationwide, has partnered with ECMC Education to launch a multi-faceted, online training program for its technicians. With courses scheduled to begin in September, technicians can enroll and attend interactive online courses and complete evaluations with a CoolSys senior-level technical training coach to ensure learning targets are accomplished.

    "CoolSys has always been dedicated to training and investing in employees so we're excited to be taking our training initiatives to a new level through our partnership with ECMC Education," comments Beth Goldstein, chief human resources officer at CoolSys. "In launching this new online program, we can now make high quality, advanced training accessible to our new and current team members located anywhere in the country."

    As traditional classroom training has been impacted by limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new online training program will enable CoolSys to continue to expand its training initiatives and meet the diverse needs of trainees with remote instruction. Students will be able to access the online training at their own pace with each course lasting eight weeks with approximately five hours per week of coursework. In tandem with the online training, experienced CoolSys technicians will serve as technical training coaches to evaluate the progress of each trainee in a hands-on environment with the proper social distancing measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The CoolSys training program will be designed to deliver five levels of training based on the needs of each technician. Starting in September, the program will launch training geared to servicing convenience stores, small-box retail and supermarkets with single systems. By the end of the year, CoolSys will deploy three additional levels of advanced training to provide all necessary services for supermarkets. Another training module will launch in January 2021 to offer more foundational skills for technicians.

    "In today's marketplace, it is more important than ever for industry and education to come together to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the business while also setting employees on a track for career advancement and success," said Todd Steele, president, ECMC Education. "By aligning our areas of expertise, we are effectively addressing CoolSys' talent development needs, without the geographic or scheduling constraints associated with conventional training programs."

    About CoolSys
    CoolSys is the market-leading refrigeration and HVAC services company, specializing in a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions for customers in the retail, food service, commercial and industrial market segments. CoolSys and its operating businesses cover every stage of mission-critical systems from engineering and design, to installation, service and maintenance, and energy optimization. Headquartered in Southern California, CoolSys has more than 1,900 highly trained, field-based service and installation experts serving the daily needs of more than 4,000 customers across North America. For additional information, please visit

    About ECMC Education
    ECMC Education is a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation, employer collaboration and industry stewardship. The organization offers a range of educational solutions through two entities: Altierus Training Solutions, which assists employers in solving talent and skill gaps, and Altierus Career College, which provides accredited programming to new career seekers. To learn more, visit


Key Information

New Product Launching Now

Product Name: New Hire Accelerator

Industry: Skilled Trades – HVAC

Problem: Scarce and unqualified talent plus fewer new candidates entering the workforce

Target: Large, regional and national HVAC employers seeking to rapidly cultivate and retain new talent

What’s Different: Integrated online and in-field training that efficiently scales anywhere

Core Benefits:

  • Field-ready HVAC technicians, faster
  • A scalable and proprietary talent pipeline
  • Quality, cost-effective training
  • A high-touch support team with expert instruction

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Alex Kuntz, Public Relations Specialist

About Altierus Training Solutions

Altierus Training Solutions (ATS), part of nonprofit ECMC Education, provides technology-enabled training that pairs with hands-on training in the field. With innovative, industry-vetted programs that leverage deep experience in career and technical education, ATS aims to transform the way industrial companies hire, train, and upskill their employees.

About ECMC Education

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ECMC Education is a nonprofit provider of educational solutions rooted in innovation and focused on career and technical education. The organization’s mission is to transform career and technical education to provide aspiring and current learners with skills to elevate their careers and communities.

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